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Czech Republic to train 20 Ukrainian civilian aviation pilots

Czech Republic to train 20 Ukrainian civilian aviation pilots Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavský (photo: Getty Images)

The Czech Republic will train 20 Ukrainian civilian aviation pilots as part of assistance in the restoration of key infrastructure, according to Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský.

The Czech Foreign Minister stated that Ukraine needed to rapidly rebuild its key infrastructure, of which civil aviation was an integral part. Consequently, the Czech Republic was providing training for 20 Ukrainian pilots.

Lipavský also expressed gratitude to the Prague Technical University for their assistance in preparing specialists and providing essential support.

Aid from the Czech Republic to Ukraine

The Czech Republic stands as one of Ukraine's key allies, offering not only humanitarian aid but also military support since the early days of Russia's full-scale invasion.

Recently, it was reported that Ukrainian soldiers would have the opportunity to continue their training in the Czech Republic in 2024, following the approval of the relevant government proposal by the Chamber of Deputies.

Czech Minister of Defense Jana Černochová announced that the country has granted licenses for commercial supplies of military equipment to Ukraine, totaling approximately 117 billion Czech crowns (4.7 billion euros).

It has also been revealed that the Czech Republic will procure ammunition for RPG-7 from the arms company STV Group for the training of Ukrainian military personnel, with a budget of up to 2.5 billion Czech crowns (110.1 million dollars).