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Cult director David Lynch faces fourth divorce

Cult director David Lynch faces fourth divorce David Lynch (photo:

77-year-old American director David Lynch is getting divorced from his wife Emily after 14 years of marriage. This information is reported by RBС-Ukraine with reference to the TMZ.

David Lynch is divorcing his fourth wife

According to the publication, the initiator of the divorce is Emily Lynch, and the process is not without difficulties.

It is claimed that the former chosen one of the creators of Twin Peaks insists on sole custody of their 11-year-old daughter Lulu and also demands that her husband pay child support and cover the costs of her lawyers.

However, according to TMZ, Emily does not object to Lynch seeing their daughter, but only to a limited extent.

By the way, this was the director's fourth marriage.

To recap, David first married Peggy Lynch. Their relationship lasted seven years, and they had a daughter, Jennifer.

Next, the star's chosen one was Mary Fisk, with whom he had a son named Austin.

For the third time, Lynch married Mary Sweeney, who worked as an editor on his projects. The couple has a son.

In 2008, the couple divorced, and a year later, the director married for the fourth time.

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David Lynch with his wife Emily (screenshot from the News Plus YouTube channel)