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Counteroffensive, U.S. elections and victory over Russia: Highlights from interview with U.S. State Department rep

Counteroffensive, U.S. elections and victory over Russia: Highlights from interview with U.S. State Department rep Daniel Cisek, U.S. State Department official representative (Photo: video screenshot

Support from the United States should not depend on the results of the Ukrainian counteroffensive; the U.S. can simultaneously aid both Ukraine and Israel. Europe should provide more assistance to Ukraine, and victory in the war means Ukraine reclaiming its territory, stated the official representative of the U.S. State Department, Daniel Cisek, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Regarding the counteroffensive and support for Ukraine

"Regarding the counteroffensive, Ukraine has reclaimed territory and opened sea routes. This is a significant achievement. Ukrainian forces have acted very bravely. The U.S. government understands that the counteroffensive was difficult, and defense is always more accessible. However, the U.S. government plans to continue supporting Ukraine, said Cisek.

According to the State Department spokesperson, the success or failure of the counteroffensive does not affect U.S. support for Ukraine. President Joe Biden is currently expecting approval from Congress for a new $61 billion aid package to Ukraine—Cisek does not predict when it may happen but does not rule out that it could be soon.

About the U.S. elections

"It's understandable, and naturally, people in Ukraine follow events in the U.S. very closely, as many Americans do the same. It's a hypothetical question about how the campaign can influence the situation. What we know now is that there is a long history of bipartisan support for Ukraine in Congress. This is a fact.

"What we see so far and understand is that the support of the American people for Ukraine is strong, and Congressional support has been and remains robust. The Biden administration expects a positive decision from Congress," emphasizes Cisek.

About Europe's role

Cisek agrees with the idea that Europeans should provide more assistance to Ukraine.

"They have already done a lot, but if we look at the European Union's economy and its opportunities, it is clear that Europe should play a significant role in supporting Ukraine," says the State Department spokesperson. However, he acknowledges that the defense industry in the EU is not developing as quickly, so there may be a delay in supplying a million shells to Ukraine.

"The U.S. government continues close contact with European colleagues on this issue," says Cisek.

About victory over Russia

In response to the assertion that the U.S. provides Ukraine with enough weapons to resist but not enough to defeat Russia, the State Department spokesperson assured, "The goal of the U.S. is for the support from us and our European partners to be sufficient for Ukraine to win."

"What does winning mean? Our position is very clear: Ukraine must reclaim its territory," noted Cisek.

He emphasized that Ukraine should decide how to conduct its defense and when the time may come for negotiations with the Russians.

"We understand that no simple solution or settlement will mean the front line stays where it is today. The U.S. does not think that's acceptable," Cisek stressed.

The full interview with U.S. State Department representative, Daniel Cisek - in RBC-Ukraine's article.