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Cook roast potatoes healthier: Nutritionist's secret life hack

Cook roast potatoes healthier: Nutritionist's secret life hack A popular Christmas dish can be healthy (photo: Freepik)

Roast potatoes usually become one of the main dishes on the table during Christmas and New Year. Nutritionist Jess Hillard explained how to make a traditional holiday dish healthy on Daily Express.

Learn to cut potatoes in a new way

Typically, potatoes are cut into small pieces. This allows more food to fit on the baking sheet, while significantly reducing the cooking time. But if you want to make your roast potatoes healthier, try cutting them into larger pieces.

"This will allow each piece to absorb less oil, and there will be fewer calories," the nutritionist explained.

Cook roast potatoes healthier: Nutritionist's secret life hackHow to make roast potatoes healthy (photo: Freepik)

Change the oil

For baking, many people add regular sunflower oil, fat, or butter. If you want to get a healthier dish that not only won't add extra centimeters to your waistline but also won't harm your health, choose another option.

"Rapeseed oil is the best choice, especially instead of animal fat, which is often used for roasts. However, rapeseed oil has a high smoke point, so it's great for frying and contains less saturated fat than animal fat," the nutritionist advises.

In addition, the expert revealed another life hack for a healthy dinner. If you're planning a big menu, try to avoid store-bought food. For instance, make sauces yourself, which will save you from preservatives and excess sugar.

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