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Colonels arrested for plotting Zelenskyy's murder, Security Service exposes Russian spies

Colonels arrested for plotting Zelenskyy's murder, Security Service exposes Russian spies Security Service exposes Russian spies (

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has exposed agents who were preparing to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other country's top military and political leadership, reports the SSU on Telegram.

"The plans were to be implemented by an agent network that was exposed in advance by the Security Service of Ukraine with the assistance of the leadership of the Department of the State Protection. The network, whose activities were supervised by the FSB from Moscow, included two colonels of the DSP (Department of the State Protection - ed.) who leaked classified information to the Russian Federation," the SSU said.

One of the tasks of the network was to find the executors of the liquidation plan among the military personnel close to Zelenskyy's security. The perpetrators were supposed to take the Supreme Commander-in-Chief hostage and then kill him.

The enemy also planned to eliminate:

  • Vasyl Maliuk, head of the SSU;
  • Defense Intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov;
  • other high-ranking officials.

How they planned to eliminate Budanov

The enemy planned to eliminate Budanov before Easter on May 5.

The plan was for a recruited agent to monitor a protected person and pass on the necessary information. After that, a missile strike was to be launched at the coordinates of the house where the target was staying.

"Then they were going to attack the people who remained at the site of the attack with a drone. After that, the Russians planned to hit with another missile to destroy the traces," the SSU added.

Detention of colonels

The weapons for the enemy agent were provided by a DSP colonel, who brought them to Kyiv:

  • FPV drones
  • charges for RPG-7;
  • MON-90 anti-personnel mines.

The SSU recorded the colonel's trips to other regions of Ukraine to get drones and explosives. The SSU also recorded conversations between the potential terrorist attacker and a curator from the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

Both were detained.

According to RBC-Ukraine sources in the security services, the detainee's name is Andrii Guk, and he is the head of one of the departments of the DSP. Guk is suspected of collecting and transmitting information about protected persons.

Photo: SSU exposes agents preparing Zelenskyy's assassination (

Maliuk personally supervised operation

According to SSU chief Vasyl Maliuk, a limited number of people knew about the special operation and he personally controlled its course. The terrorist attack, he said, was supposed to be a "gift" to dictator Vladimir Putin for his inauguration. However, the only thing the latter received was the failure of the Russian secret service.

Who was preparing the attack

According to the SSU, the Russian FSB has once again confirmed the status of a terrorist organization. Employees of the 9th directorate of the operational information department of the 5th service supervised the organizing of the terrorist attack. They are:

  • Maxim Mishustin;
  • Dmitriy Perlin;
  • Alexey Kornev.

The SSU adds that in January 2022, Perlin became the curator of moles who were recruited for Russia's full-scale invasion. Before that, they were supervised by Kornev.

"For example, before the start of the full-scale war, Kornev held a series of secret meetings with the colonel of the DSP in neighboring European countries. Funds for the agents were also usually transferred abroad," the SSU adds.

SBU searched their places of residence and seized relevant munitions and other evidence of criminal activity.

What traitors face

The detainees were served a notice of suspicion under the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

  • p. 2 Art. 111 - high treason committed under martial law;
  • p. 1 Art. 14, p. 2 Art. 258 - preparation for a terrorist act.

They have been imposed a pre-trial restraint in the form of detention. They face life imprisonment.

Not the first attempt

Recently, the special services of Ukraine and Poland detained a Russian agent who was helping the enemy prepare for a possible assassination attempt on the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. The Pole's task was to collect information on the security of Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport and to pass it on to the terrorist country.

After his detention, the Pole was notified of suspicion of "willingness to act in favor of a foreign intelligence service."

Last year, a Russian agent was detained who was preparing to shell the Mykolaiv region during Zelenskyy's visit.