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Cold and hungry: How to help stray animals in winter

Cold and hungry: How to help stray animals in winter How to help stray animals in winter (
Author: Maria Kholina

Surviving winter becomes unbearable for stray animals due to cold and hunger. With temperatures plummeting and food scarce, dogs face death within 15 hours, while cats succumb within 6. It is solely up to humans to determine how these animals will endure the winter.

UA Animals provided insight on how to help homeless animans in winter.

These tips can help save the lives of stray animals:

Feed animals with warm food, such as warm porridge or soup. Even purchasing dry food and adding hot water can be a lifesaver.

Pour warm water for animals. Regularly pouring warm water during cold temperatures prevents rapid freezing, allowing the animal to find some warmth.

Let them warm up. If possible, let animals warm up in building entrances. Upon entering warmth, they can finally rest and regain strength. Also, check basement windows to ensure they are not boarded up.

Create shelter for them. A simple box can be wrapped with tape on the outside and lined with warm sweaters or other old clothing on the inside. Placing shelters on wooden pallets prevents cold from penetrating from the ground.

Find them a family. The best thing to do is provide stray animals with a family and a home. Foster care and shelters are also options to prevent animals from freezing while seeking a permanent family. However, with the ongoing war, shelters are overflowing with abandoned animals, so assisting them with information can expedite the process of placing animals into caring families.