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Coffee does not taste good: Mistake everyone makes brewing this drink

Coffee does not taste good: Mistake everyone makes brewing this drink How to brew coffee correctly: experts named common mistake (Photo: Freepik)

A cup of coffee is a favorite aromatic morning ritual for millions of people. However, not everyone can brew it correctly, and sometimes coffee at home may not turn out as delicious as in a café, according to the Odzywianie Wprost website.

What mistake everyone makes

The water temperature used for brewing coffee is crucial. Many people use boiling water, and this is a significant mistake.

If coffee is brewed with liquid at 100 degrees, it releases a lot of bitterness. As a result, the drink's taste may not be as desired.

For those who prefer more subtle flavor notes, it is recommended to use water with a temperature not exceeding 89 degrees for brewing coffee.

Of course, the obtained result depends on the degree of processing of the beans used for brewing. The more roasted they are, the more bitterness they release. It is worth noting that this rule applies to both natural ground and instant coffee.

For brewing coffee, it is best to use bottled or filtered water - purified from chlorine and heavy metals, as well as other unwanted compounds that may be present in tap water.

How to check the water temperature

It is best to use a special thermometer for this purpose. If you don't have one at hand, use a much simpler method.

After boiling water, wait a minute before pouring it into the coffee. Don't forget to brew natural coffee with the lid on. This way, the drink will not cool too quickly and will level its temperature, gaining a full taste and aroma.

Additionally, if you store coffee at room temperature in an open package with access to air, its shelf life decreases by 10% each day.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy as much coffee as you usually need for a week or two.

Moreover, when looking at the packaging, pay attention not only to the expiration date but also to the coffee roasting date. Fresh coffee is considered one with a shelf life of four days to two weeks from the production date.

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