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Coach on why weight is not reduced with proper nutrition and sports

Coach on why weight is not reduced with proper nutrition and sports Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

During regular workouts and diets, one can see a decrease in numbers on the scale. However, there comes a point when the weight remains the same for an extended period, and there are several reasons for this, according to coach Yurii Popko.

Why weight doesn't decrease

According to the expert, this can happen if there is no calorie deficit. This is because the body is very adaptive.

"You can precisely calculate how many calories you consume, but no one can calculate how many calories you burn on basic metabolism and various activities," the message says.

The coach said that there is a method called double water labeling. You drink water with added isotopes. You then provide a urine sample for analysis to measure how many of these isotopes were there initially and how many remain. This way, you can calculate how many kilocalories you have expended.

However, this number changes over time because the body adapts. At the beginning of your journey without training, you burn 500 calories, but after 8-9 months, it's only 10, even though you perform the same workout but lose fewer calories.

In this scenario, the body starts to save calories on a deficit by economizing on everything it can. It can even get to the point where internal organs may shrink.

How to solve the problem

Yurii Popko suggests reducing the caloric content of the menu by 100 kilocalories. After a week, measure the parameters. If the weight doesn't decrease, reduce the menu by another 100 kilocalories.

You need to continue this until the weight shifts.

If this method doesn't help, forget about the diet for one to two weeks and eat as much as you want. Then, after a few weeks, create a calorie deficit again.

The weight should then start to shift, as the body needs to recover from the stress.

What exercises help to lose weight

Cardio workouts, such as running, allow you to burn more calories during workouts. Strength training helps burn calories continuously throughout the day.

These two types of workouts need to be combined. Additionally, some healthy habits will help you stay in shape and burn calories on the way to work or home, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or getting off the bus one or two stops earlier.