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Chinese scientists develop robot with lab-grown brain

Chinese scientists develop robot with lab-grown brain Scientists created new robot with a "human" brain (RBC-Ukraine collage)

A Chinese company named Boffins has developed a peculiar robot equipped with a brain grown in a laboratory. Although the robot currently has limited functions, scientists hope to improve their marvel, which has already been nicknamed mini-Frankenstein, according to the South China Morning Post.

The new robot's brain is similar to a human brain because it is made from brain organoids. Brain organoids are created from human pluripotent stem cells, usually found only in early embryos.

This Frankenstein can perform tasks such as grasping objects and avoiding obstacles.

Scientists have also integrated a neural interface chip into the brain, which encodes and decodes feedback stimulation.

Researchers from Tianjin University and the Southern University of Science and Technology say that this intelligent robot could lead to the development of hybrid human and robot intelligenceю

"The transplant of human brain organoids into living brains is a novel method for advancing organoid development and function. Organoid grafts have a host-derived functional vasculature system and exhibit advanced maturation. Brain organoid transplantation is considered a promising strategy for restoring brain function by replacing lost neurons and reconstructing neural circuits," scientists from Oxford University wrote.

Chinese scientists develop robot with lab-grown brain

Scientists created a robot with a brain grown from stem cells (Screenshot)