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China makes cynical statement after accusations of military aid to Russia

China makes cynical statement after accusations of military aid to Russia Photo: Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

China considers British Defense Minister Grant Shapps's statement about intelligence on Beijing's readiness to provide military assistance to Russia in the war against Ukraine to be "groundless and irresponsible vilification of China", according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin.

"We condemn the UK politician’s groundless and irresponsible vilification of China. We noted the fact those remarks from the UK side were not even seconded by its “close ally" (USA).

However, when discussing the war in Ukraine, Wenbin made a cynical statement accusing Britain of "fanning the flames on Ukraine".

"It’s reported that two years ago when Russia and Ukraine were close to an agreement to end the conflict, it was the UK, among others, that jumped in the way to stop it and the conflict has continued since. Just as China and the international community work hard to cool down the situation, the UK side once again made irresponsible remarks, which is quite alarming," said Wang Wenbin.

The spokesman for the Chinese Ministry assured that Beijing has been and remains "on the side of peace and dialogue," and will continue "to push for peace talks and oppose fanning the flames".

"Meanwhile, we will defend our legitimate rights and interests," added Wenbin.

China may supply weapons to Russia

Yesterday, the British Defense Secretary said that British and US intelligence have information that China either already supplies or plans to start supplying weapons to Russia.
"We should be concerned about that,” he added.
Commenting on Shapps' statement, the White House said it had no such information. However, as noted by the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Washington plans to contact London for details.