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China helps Russia in war, Biden discusses this with Xi Jinping - Reuters

China helps Russia in war, Biden discusses this with Xi Jinping - Reuters China is helping the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

The US believes that China is supporting Russia's military efforts in the war against Ukraine. President Joe Biden raised this issue with Chinese President Xi Jinping during their phone call, according to Reuters.

It is noted that China is helping Moscow expand its defence production with a large number of machine tools, microelectronics, drone technologies, and cruise missiles.

According to anonymous officials quoted by Reuters, Chinese materials are filling critical gaps in Russian defence production.

"Our view is that one of the most game-changing moves available to us at this time to support Ukraine is to persuade the PRC (China) to stop helping Russia reconstitute its military-industrial base. Russia would struggle to sustain its war effort without PRC input," the official said.

How China helps Russia

They said that Russians likely used imported machine tools from China to increase the production of ballistic missiles. They named Dalian Machine Tool Group, one of China's leading machine tool manufacturers, as one of the companies supplying Russia.

Additionally, Russia has received military optics for tanks and armoured vehicles from Chinese company iRay Technology and the North China Research Institute of Electro-Optics, they said.

Specifically, China has provided Russia with engines for drones and turbojet engines for cruise missiles, and Chinese and Russian companies are working on joint production of drones in Russia.

US representatives also said that China is helping Russia enhance its satellite and other space-based capabilities for use in Ukraine, enhancing the Russian threat in Europe. They said that the US has information that China is providing Russia with imagery for its war against Ukraine.

China-Russia political relations

Since Russian dictator Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022, Beijing and Moscow have intensified their partnership, aiding Russia in defending itself against unprecedented Western sanctions.

During his visit to China, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed concern about China's support for Russia and the excessive capacities of Chinese production.