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Cheaters by horoscope: They always have a bit on the side

Cheaters by horoscope: They always have a bit on the side Cheaters by horoscope (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Astrologers believe that some zodiac sign representatives are most likely traitors. They seem drawn to "stray," making it difficult to remain faithful.

Here's who made it to the list of traitors, according to Astrotalk.


Arians, as it turns out, are often characterized by impulsivity. They are filled with a spirit of adventure, making it easy to involve them in secret love affairs. Excitement and new experiences are the main goals for Aries.

Therefore, individuals of this zodiac sign often dare to engage in workplace romances. They may betray their significant other just to experience new sensations.


According to astrologers, individuals of this zodiac sign love feelings and pleasure. Venus often influences them; even the most loyal Taurus individuals can feel temptations.

If they cannot cope with this temptation, they will likely go "astray." A secret affair often becomes their hidden desire. Therefore, individuals of this zodiac sign may venture into a romantic relationship while maintaining a relationship with someone else.


It's no secret that Geminis are known for their fickleness. According to astrologers, representatives of this zodiac sign are beautiful and enjoy socializing. Their "dark side" often thinks about betrayal.

Geminis may dare to have an extramarital affair, wanting to feel the thrill. Doing so will make them happy to receive more attention, as it satisfies their vanity.


As astrologers revealed, individuals of this zodiac sign often differ from others in their emotional nature. They have a mysterious aura, and not everyone can understand Scorpios.

Despite being exceptionally devoted and passionate, something inside them still craves mystery. Therefore, in the search for something forbidden and secret, Scorpios may choose betrayal.

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