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Changes in wording: China stops mentioning 'peaceful reunification' with Taiwan

Changes in wording: China stops mentioning 'peaceful reunification' with Taiwan Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

China has refused to mention "peaceful reunification" with Taiwan in a new government report, according to Reuters.

The new agency states that in the report presented today, March 5th, by Premier Li Qiang at the opening of the National People's Congress, there was no mention of "peaceful reunification" with Taiwan.

In the government work report, China reiterated its call for "reunification" with Taiwan but emphasized that it wants to be firm on this issue and refrained from using the word "peaceful" used in previous reports.

Despite this not being the first instance of the absence of mention of "peaceful reunification," changes in wording are closely monitored as a possible sign of a tougher stance on Taiwan.

Additionally, the report notes that China will increase its defense spending by 7.2% this year, doubling its military budget in more than a decade.

Escalation between China and Taiwan

A Chinese speedboat recently refused inspection by Taiwanese authorities and capsized during pursuit near the coast of the Taiwanese island of Kinmen.

Two Chinese fishermen died as a result of the incident.

Following this, China denounced such incidents as "atrocious behavior" by the Taiwanese authorities.