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Cardiovascular diseases: Expert explains why they occur

Cardiovascular diseases: Expert explains why they occur Komarovskiy talked about cardiovascular diseases (photo: RBC-Ukraine)

The topic of cardiovascular diseases will always be relevant, as it is the most common cause of mortality among people, particularly in Ukraine. Risk factors influence the development of cardiovascular diseases.

RBC-Ukraine, referring to a video on the YouTube channel of famous Ukrainian pediatrician, doctor of the highest category, writer, and TV presenter Dr. Komarovskiy, explains how we impact the health of our hearts and vessels.

Unmodifiable risk factors

This category includes risk factors that individuals cannot influence. For example, family medical history is one such factor. If someone in your family has had cardiovascular issues, you are automatically at risk.

The physician notes that the actual risk increases if cardiovascular disease occurs in men after the age of 55 and in women after the age of 65.

By the way, age is also a factor beyond a person's control. The older a person becomes, the higher the risk of developing unmodifiable pathology.

Ethnicity is another unmodifiable risk factor. Scientists have demonstrated that individuals of African, Caribbean, and South Asian descent have a higher risk of cardiovascular pathology.

Gender is yet another risk factor. It is generally accepted that cardiovascular pathology develops earlier and more frequently in men.

Modifiable risk factors

-Body Mass Index (BMI)

If your body mass index exceeds 30, and you have been diagnosed with obesity, you fall into the at-risk group. This is associated with low physical activity, excessive calorie intake, improper nutrition, and other related factors.

-High systolic blood pressure

At least 80% of Ukrainians over the age of 50 have hypertension. All these individuals are also at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

-High levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL)

These substances can contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. However, individuals can influence their presence in the arteries by making lifestyle and dietary changes.

-Tobacco smoking

There is abundant research on the detrimental effects of cigarettes on the body's systems and overall health. Importantly, this is a risk factor that individuals create themselves and can independently address.

-Type 2 Diabetes mellitus

This type of diabetes can be managed with medications and lifestyle changes. However, substantial effort is required for successful management.

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