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Canada included study of Holodomor in the school curriculum

Canada included study of Holodomor in the school curriculum Canada has included the study of the Holodomor in the school curriculum (photo:

In the Canadian province of Ontario, the study of the Holodomor has been included in the mandatory school curriculum for 10th-grade students, announces the Minister of Education of Ontario, Stephen Lecce.

"The rise of extremism, including communism and Marxism, is a direct threat to our democracy, social bonds, and the values of Canadians. I am firmly committed to improving education regarding our shared values, particularly by making the study of the horrors of the persecution of Ukrainians during the Holodomor mandatory in the Canadian history course for the 10th grade," emphasized the Minister of Education.

Lecce also announced that the introduced course will contribute to the defense of fundamental Canadian values of freedom and democracy against communist extremism.

During his address, he also announced the allocation of $300,000 to the Canadian Ukrainian Foundation to continue the National Awareness Tour on the Holodomor, specifically supporting the activities of its main component – the mobile classroom for studying the Holodomor.

The mobile classroom is a specially equipped bus with interactive tools that travels across Canada to convey the truth about the tragic events of 1932-1933 in Ukraine. Over 70,000 people, mostly students from over 500 Canadian schools, have already attended lectures in the mobile classroom.

Holodomor in Ukraine

Holodomor 1932-1933 is considered one of the most tragic events in Ukrainian history. The mass famine resulted in millions of casualties. Historians estimate that approximately 7 million people died as a result of the Holodomor.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has appealed to democratic nations to recognize the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as genocide against the Ukrainian people. Following the onset of full-scale war, this process gained momentum. Several European countries and more than 30 states in the United States have made corresponding decisions to officially recognize the Holodomor as genocide.

For more information about the Holodomor in Ukraine, you can read the article by RBC-Ukraine.