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Can you be friends with your ex: Pros and cons

Can you be friends with your ex: Pros and cons Should you be friends with former partners (photo:

The question of whether you can be friends with your ex-partner sparks interest among researchers in the fields of psychology and interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, couples part ways amicably, realizing they only have a friendship between them. However, when one of them enters a new romantic relationship, should the friendship be ended or can they learn to coexist?

Exploring the pros and cons of staying friends with exes, discusses business and life coach, and sexologist Vitaliy Kursik.

The expert suggests looking at this situation from different perspectives and weighing all arguments "for" and "against" before making a personal decision.

Arguments "for":

Maintaining social connections: preserving friendship with an ex can help maintain social ties, which is crucial for mental well-being.

Preserving valuable shared experiences: by keeping the friendship, individuals can retain shared interests and experiences that may be beneficial in future relationships.

Supporting emotional well-being: maintaining friendly relations with an ex can help preserve a positive emotional attitude towards past relationships and contribute to overall well-being during a breakup.

Expanding social circle: friendship with an ex can open up new social opportunities, reconnect with mutual friends, and create new acquaintances.

Possibility of reconciliation: communicating with an ex can be a first step towards reconciling in the future when both partners are ready.

Arguments "against":

Risk of rekindling old feelings: maintaining friendship with an ex may revive or reinforce feelings present in previous relationships, posing a threat to future emotional well-being.

Negative impact on new relationships: there may be a negative impact on future relationships, especially if potential partners feel uncomfortable or jealous about the friendship with an ex.

Need for adaptation: maintaining friendly relations with an ex may require complex adaptation strategies to accommodate new contexts and circumstances that arise after a breakup.

Loss of personal space: maintaining communication with an ex can lead to a loss of personal space and individuality in new relationships, potentially causing conflicts.

Risk of relationship confusion: supporting a friendship with an ex may lead to relationship confusion and misunderstandings in the future, especially if one party does not understand the nature of this friendship.

Considering these arguments, it is important to carefully weigh all possible consequences before deciding whether to keep an ex in one's life.