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Can one get sick due to being cold? Doctor's answer

Can one get sick due to being cold? Doctor's answer Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many people strongly believe that one can get sick from being too cold. But this is actually a myth, according to physician Elina Yasnytska.

Can you get sick from being too cold?

The doctor explained that getting sick from the cold is impossible, it's a myth. A cold or acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) is an upper respiratory tract infection that, in 95% of cases, is caused by the action of viruses.

Is there a difference between a cold and ARVI?

No, it's the same thing. "Cold" is an outdated name for ARVI, as previously, due to a lack of information, it was believed that it was not viruses but the cold that caused the illness, and the body needed to be "warmed up" for recovery.

Why do discomfort, cough, and fever occur after being in bomb shelters, for example?

The onset of the disease can indeed occur in such a scenario because:

  • The virus is transmitted through airborne droplets or contact-household routes by touching surfaces contaminated with biological fluids from seats/handles/doors.
  • Cold, dry air, and its low temperature affect the temporary decrease in immunity, making a person more vulnerable to ARVI pathogens. But it's the viruses that cause the cold, not the cold itself.

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