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Can cosmetics really "shrink" pores? Chances are you're mistaken

Can cosmetics really "shrink" pores? Chances are you're mistaken Is it possible to "narrow" pores with cosmetics (photo: Freepik)

Enlarged pores are a common cosmetic problem. Many believe that they can be "narrowed" with the help of cosmetics. However, this is not entirely true, according to the community Take care.

Do pores really "narrow"

Dermatologist Svitlana Kocherginova said that pores on the skin "can't" narrow, because they don't have muscles inside.

Therefore, it is impossible to narrow the pores, despite all the assurances that arise from advertising. However, with the help of cosmetics, you can reduce the amount of sebum that accumulates in the pores.

As a result, they become less noticeable. At the same time, the relief of the skin remains unchanged.

Causes of enlarged pores

The skin on the face reveals everything: lack of sleep, poor nutrition or lack of care is immediately visible on it. Large pores appear for several reasons:

  • skin features - the oily type is prone to abundant secretion, as a result of which the pores expand

  • genetics - a predisposition is transmitted by heredity

  • violation of the hormonal background - it is precisely because of hormonal imbalance that teenagers suffer from enlarged pores

  • poor-quality cosmetics that provoke excessive secretion of sebum

Secretion is also affected by other factors, for example, improper nutrition. They are indirect, but they should also be taken into account in the struggle for perfect skin.

The main problem with wide pores is dirt getting into them, as a result of which they turn into black spots, inflammation and acne.

How to make pores invisible

The specialist gave several tips on how to make pores less noticeable:

  • high-quality skin cleansing - "must hev". If you wear makeup, you should perform a two-step cleansing in the evening: first remove makeup with micellar water or hydrophilic oil, then - cleansing gel or foam

  • add to your care cosmetics with seboregulating components, such as salicylic acid, retinol, zinc

  • be sure to moisturize your skin. The relief becomes more noticeable on dehydrated skin. Once a week, you can do light chemical peeling or use enzyme powder to exfoliate keratinized cells

"In general, having pores is normal. In some areas of the skin, they are more pronounced (nose, chin, forehead), in others - less so (cheeks, neck, torso). Take care of yourself and your skin - listen to its needs, and not to loud advertising or trends," the message says.

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