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Bundestag approves purchase of over 100 Leopard 2 tanks

Bundestag approves purchase of over 100 Leopard 2 tanks Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The German Bundestag Defense Committee has decided to purchase 105 Leopard 2A8 main battle tanks, according to Marcus Faber, chairman of the Bundestag Defense Committee.

"We are fully equipping the Lithuanian brigade with battle tanks, replacing the old Leo2s in the army and creating space for further deliveries to Ukraine," he says.

According to the information provided, the order is worth almost three billion euros.

"Large orders such as this show that we are serious about our defense and support for Ukraine in the long term," Faber says.

KNDS will supply tanks to the Bundeswehr until 2030.

Leopard 2 for Ukraine

The 18 Leopard 2 tanks provided to Ukraine by Germany are already taking part in combat operations at the frontline. Unfortunately, some of them have been damaged.

These tanks are being repaired by Ukraine's allies, as Ukraine country does not yet have the necessary resources to do so.

Germany is not the only country that has provided Ukraine with Leopard 2. Poland, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and Denmark have also already provided or are planning to provide Ukraine with these tanks.