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Bundestag approves purchase of additional 155mm shells due to Ukraine's needs

Bundestag approves purchase of additional 155mm shells due to Ukraine's needs Archive photo: the Bundestag approved the purchase of additional 155-mm shells (facebook com ukroboronprom)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The Bundestag Budget Committee has approved the purchase of additional 155-millimeter artillery ammunition. This is connected with the war in Ukraine, according to the website of the German Ministry of Defense.

"On one hand, the procurement project can be used to continue supporting Ukraine, which urgently needs ammunition but it can also contribute to further replenishment of its own stocks,” the Ministry writes.

The Ministry of Defense notes that in the positional war in eastern Ukraine, there is a high consumption of artillery ammunition, especially 155-millimeter shells. Since then, Germany and other allies have repeatedly provided support packages to Ukraine.

"The production and delivery of thousands of shells has now been agreed with a German arms company to further support Ukraine and replenish ammunition stocks. The funding requirement of almost 880 million euros will be covered both from the Bundeswehr's special funds and from the regular defense budget,” the Defense Ministry added.

Agreement for millions of shells

It is noted that the budget committee also approved amendments to the framework agreement with the defense company.

Thanks to the new framework agreement, the possible order volume has increased several times. It should be emphasized that in the future, the shells will be manufactured in Germany.

The contract also includes a clause allowing other countries to join. Denmark, Estonia, and the Netherlands are already in negotiations to become parties to the agreement.

Ukraine's need for artillery shells

Artillery shells are urgently needed by Ukrainian troops on the front lines but the military still reports a shortage. Meanwhile, Western countries are trying to increase their production.

The Institute for the Study of War reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces began receiving artillery ammunition from Western countries, but the current volumes do not yet allow Ukrainian defenders to counter Russia effectively.