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Bulgaria starts sending promised APCs to Ukraine

Bulgaria starts sending promised APCs to Ukraine Illustrative photo (
Author: Maria Kholina

The Bulgarian government has commenced the dispatch of promised armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, according to BTV.

The first armored personnel carrier was loaded onto a platform and departed from the headquarters of the gendarmerie in Sofia to the railway station in Novi Iskar.

In total, 110 armored personnel carriers will be sent to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense is responsible for their transportation.

Their transportation began today, March 6, and they will be transported in batches of six units.

Bulgaria's aid to Ukraine

Bulgaria has been providing various forms of assistance to Ukraine since the early days of the full-scale Russian invasion. Earlier, the Bulgarian parliament voted behind closed doors to supply non-operational S-300 missiles to Ukraine.

Last July, it became known that Bulgaria could provide Ukraine with about 100 armored personnel carriers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs warehouses.

In December, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev vetoed the free provision of armored vehicles to Ukraine.

However, later, the Bulgarian National Assembly (parliament) overcame President Rumen Radev's veto regarding the supply of armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

It has recently been reported that Bulgaria is delaying the delivery of 100 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, as the Ministry of Defense has appealed to NATO to cover the transportation costs.