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Building lasting happiness: 7 key steps to strong family bonds

Building lasting happiness: 7 key steps to strong family bonds Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Family is the foundation upon which our life path is built. Building a strong family isn't just a process but an ongoing effort that requires attention, understanding, and relationships, reports psychologist Iryna Kulik on Instagram.

What will help


The psychologist advises open conversations, listening to each other, and resolving conflicts peacefully. This will help understand the roots of conflicts.

Allocate time for meaningful conversations, actively listen to your partner, and express thoughts without judgment.


Being a support for each other in all life situations is essential. It's important to share joys and difficulties.

Establishing boundaries

Remember that setting healthy boundaries helps everyone in the family to develop and feel their importance.

Quality time

Spend quality time together, building shared memories and connections. This helps bring everyone closer.

It's good to have a tradition of doing something together as a family. If you don't have one, consider creating it.

Support for self-improvement

Support the personal development of each family member and help them achieve their dreams.


Iryna Kulik says it's essential to respect mutual values, thoughts, and feelings, considering each family member's opinion. It's the primary way to establish healthy relationships.

Family life is often complex and unpredictable, not without offenses and disappointments.

Division of responsibilities

Divide responsibilities to contribute to the family's functioning without overloading any one individual.

It's worth knowing that there's no single perfect formula, but these principles can lay the foundation for building a strong and harmonious family.

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