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British minister urges London mayor to donate used cars to Ukraine

British minister urges London mayor to donate used cars to Ukraine Photo: The British minister asked the mayor of London to give used cars to Ukraine (GettyImages)

The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Michael Gove, has appealed to the Mayor of London to donate cars destined for scrap metal to Ukraine, reports the website of the UK Parliament.

Michael Gove believes that the City Hall could provide Ukraine with vehicles that would otherwise be scrapped.

"I was therefore extremely disappointed and surprised to learn that the Greater London Authority was not proposing to support Ukraine through the provision of vehicles that would otherwise be scrapped under the ULEZ scrappage scheme," the minister mentioned.

Gove recalled that the ULEZ recycling scheme was designed to improve air quality in London.

"My understanding is that the ULEZ scrappage scheme was developed based on the environmental benefit of improved air quality that comes from taking non-compliant vehicles off London’s roads. I am sure that you would agree that taking these same vehicles off London’s roads – and thus achieving the same environmental benefits – whilst supporting the efforts in Ukraine, is preferable simply to scrapping them," the minister wrote.

At the end of the letter, Gove expressed the hope that the cars would still be handed over to Ukraine.

"More generally, we are willing to look at all options within our powers to ensure we can support the people of Ukraine with London’s scrapped cars," the minister mentioned.