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British intelligence spots new frontline issue

British intelligence spots new frontline issue Photo: British intelligence identified another problem on the front line (Getty Images)

In recent weeks, both Ukrainian forces and Russian occupiers have been facing a significant issue on the front lines — an abundance of rats and mice. This has become another challenge on the battlefield, reports the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain on Twitter.

As indicated in the report, this year's mild autumn, coupled with an ample food supply from fields left untreated due to combat, likely contributed to the increase in the rodent population.

With the colder weather setting in, mice are seeking warm places in vehicles and defensive positions. Intelligence emphasizes that rodents will add additional pressure to the morale of fighters on the front lines.

Furthermore, rodents pose a threat to military equipment by gnawing through cables. Similar instances were documented in the same region during the Second World War.

"Unverified reports also suggest Russian units starting to suffer from increased sickness cases which the troops attribute to the pest problem," intelligence notes.

Frontline situation

Currently, Ukrainian military forces are predominantly engaged in active defense and, when possible, launching counterattacks, particularly in the area around Bakhmut and in the Zaporizhzhia region.

It has recently been reported that Ukrainian soldiers successfully repelled occupiers, reclaiming one of the spoil heaps near Horlivka in the Donetsk region. Additionally, the fighters managed to seize enemy positions.

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