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Britain to take part in Ukraine's post-war reconstruction after trade deal signing

Britain to take part in Ukraine's post-war reconstruction after trade deal signing Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Ukraine and Great Britain will enter into a trade agreement, in exchange for which British companies will engage in post-war reconstruction efforts in Ukraine, according to I News.

Sources of I News state that the United Kingdom will play a significant role in the post-war reconstruction of Ukrainian cities. Meanwhile, British construction firms will be at the forefront of contenders for construction contracts.

As of today, according to World Bank estimates, over 320 billion pounds sterling will be needed for Ukraine's reconstruction and replacement of the damages inflicted by the war with Russia. However, as the war has not ended, this figure is expected to increase.

"Such agreements with the EU and the US will, of course, be sought as we need to thank all countries that help us towards our victory. But these will take longer due to the processes required. With the UK we can pick up the phone and suggest and idea and if they like it then the deal can be done," a source from the article stated.

The governments of Ukraine and the United Kingdom also discussed the prospect of a post-war bilateral free trade agreement, which would encompass the right to work for citizens of both countries in each nation, opening opportunities for British manufacturers in Ukraine, as well as the export of food products, consumer goods, and services. In other words, this could potentially be the most advantageous trade deal that the UK has negotiated post-Brexit.

According to sources, British companies are at the "top of the list" when it comes to Ukraine's post-war reconstruction.

Reconstruction of Ukraine

Due to Russian missile strikes and drone attacks, Ukrainian cities have been partially destroyed. In most cases, cities have been wiped off the map due to combat operations. This includes cities like Bakhmut.

The European Union promised assistance with Ukraine's post-war reconstruction last year. Additionally, other partners of Kyiv also offered help to specific cities and regions.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that each region would require a new policy within the framework of transformation.

Moreover, Ukraine has received new agreements regarding reconstruction from its allies.