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Britain shows 'most lethal' tank in history

Britain shows 'most lethal' tank in history The British showed off their newest tank, the Challenger 3 (photo:

The last prototype of the latest Challenger 3 tank has rolled off the assembly line in Britain. It will be the most powerful combat vehicle in the history of the British Army, states British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps.

"This is the first fully British-built tank in 22 years - the Challenger 3. Cutting-edge upgrades are now underway in Telford to make this the most lethal tank in British Army history - giving our soldiers the firepower they need to defend Britain," Shapps wrote on his X (Twitter).

At the same time, the British Army said that this is the last of eight Challenger 3 prototypes. The first prototype is already demonstrating its capabilities in tests, but all prototypes will have to pass the tests. Only then will Britain produce another 140 Challenger 3 tanks for its own army.

The British army is confident that the Challenger 3 will become the "apex predator" of modern warfare, as it will dominate the battlefield with "unmatched cutting-edge firepower, protection and mobility."

The Challenger 3 tank can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h and is armed with a 120-mm smoothbore gun with a higher muzzle velocity and greater penetration than its predecessor, the Challenger 2.

"Its new modular armor and Active Protection System, which can detect and destroy rocket and missile attacks in seconds, will make it one of the best protected tanks in Europe," the British Army added.

British tanks in Ukraine

Ukraine is currently armed with the Challenger 3's predecessor, the Challenger 2 tank. It is known that the Ukrainian army has received 14 units.

British tanks have already proven themselves on the battlefield. In particular, they are used by Ukrainian paratroopers.