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Britain returns to studying trench warfare amid war in Ukraine

Britain returns to studying trench warfare amid war in Ukraine Britain returns to studying trench warfare (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The British Army has returned to studying trench warfare tactics amid heavy fighting in Ukraine. The British note that trench warfare has evolved, according to Business Insider.

The news outlet spoke with military personnel who are training Ukrainian defenders.

"The United Kingdom is currently investing in its approach to studying trench warfare. Elements of entrenchment have always been part of the training, but now we are again focusing on how trench warfare has evolved," said Lieutenant Colonel Wilson, the commander of training and delivery on the ground.

He added that trench warfare has existed for centuries, but from a certain perspective, it has become history, although "now it is back in the center attention, especially if you add to this the threat of drones."

Wilson said that Britain has not focused on trench techniques in the last decade, and in Iraq and Afghanistan, its armies faced a different enemy.

Another British officer, Davidson, explained that Britain and partner countries assisting in training the Armed Forces of Ukraine have realized they have an outdated doctrine regarding trench warfare. Therefore, training for Ukrainians is changing pretty much in real-time.

Davidson said that Britain and its allies "learn as much from them as they do from us."

British сommand about Ukraine

The Chief of the Defense Staff of the United Kingdom, Tony Radakin, said that Ukraine will experience a shortage of ammunition for several more months until the West takes further steps to support them.

He suggested that Ukraine is unlikely to launch a new counteroffensive by the end of the summer, and most likely, this may happen next year.