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Boris Johnson to become the host of British television

Boris Johnson to become the host of British television Boris Johnson (photo: Getty Images)

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has been offered a job as a television presenter, according to CBN.

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is joining GB News as a presenter, program creator, and commentator.

Johnson will cover the upcoming general elections in the UK and the US elections next year.

He will also create and host a new series showcasing Britain's global strength and occasionally host special live audience programs throughout the UK.

Announcing his first major role on air, Boris said, "GB News is an insurgent channel with a loyal and growing following. I am excited to say I will be joining shortly - and offering my frank opinions on world affairs."

He added, "I will be talking about the immense opportunities for Global Britain - as well as the challenges - and why our best days are yet to come."

Boris Johnson promised to "be giving this remarkable new TV channel my unvarnished views on everything from Russia, China, the war in Ukraine, and how we meet all of those challenges, to the huge opportunities that lie ahead for us."

"Boris has been the most influential Prime Minister of our generation, and his unique insight into domestic and world affairs will be a smash hit with our viewers and listeners. As well as his political skills, he’s an incredibly talented journalist and author, so we can’t wait to start working with him on what will be must-see TV," shared editorial director Michael Booker.