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Blows in Lviv and ballistic missile attack on Kryvyi Rih: Details on night shelling of Ukraine

Blows in Lviv and ballistic missile attack on Kryvyi Rih: Details on night shelling of Ukraine Russians attacked Ukrainian cities with Shahed drones and fired an Iskander missile at night (Photo:

During the night of September 19, the occupiers attacked Ukraine with Shahed drones and an Iskander missile, resulting in hits and fires at warehouses in Lviv, while a multi-story building was affected in Kryvyi Rih.


The air raid alarm in Lviv started at 03:40 and lasted almost 2.5 hours. Initially, explosions were heard in the city, and later it became known that Shahed drones had attacked Lviv. According to preliminary information from the head of the Regional Military Administration, Maxym Kozytskyi, 18 such drones flew in the direction of the Lviv region, with 15 being shot down.

"Seven were shot down directly in the airspace of Lviv region. The numbers may change slightly as the information is being clarified, but even now, you can imagine the scale of the attack and the scale of the work done by the regional air defense," Kozytskyi said.

He mentioned three hits on industrial warehouses in Lviv, resulting in casualties. During the attack, a 26-year-old man on the premises was hospitalized in moderate condition. A woman who was also at the scene did not require hospitalization.

Later, it was reported that a deceased person was found under the rubble, who had been working at the warehouse, according to the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi.

Fires at four warehouse locations have been partially localized, and firefighting efforts are ongoing.

Kozytskyi emphasized that there were no military assets stored at the warehouses. The mayor of Lviv later clarified that the warehouses contained windows, household chemicals, and humanitarian aid.

According to the State Emergency Service, drones attacked Lviv at around 5 a.m., resulting in fires in three warehouse buildings covering an area of 9,450 square meters. Firefighting operations are ongoing.

Photo: Rescuers showed the consequences of the Shahed's attack on Lviv (

Transportation in Lviv was temporarily disrupted due to the attack, but by 09:05, all trolleybuses and trams in the city had resumed normal operations.

Kryvyi Rih

In Kryvyi Rih (the Dnipropetrovsk region), an enemy rocket strike occurred in the middle of the night, utilizing the Iskander-M ballistic missile launched from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.

According to the city's defense council head, Oleksandr Vilkul, the enemy's strike resulted in a fire in a multi-story building. The fire has already been extinguished.

The explosive wave also damaged the facades of three multi-story buildings, numerous windows, and doors in other apartment buildings, as well as a school and kindergarten.

In the morning, one enemy UAV was shot down over the Dnipropetrovsk region.

However, the enemy continued its attacks on the Nikopol district, shelling the city of Nikopol and the Marganetska community with heavy artillery fire. A 71-year-old man was wounded, and six private houses, an outbuilding, a garage, power transmission lines, and a gas pipeline were damaged.

Photo: Aftermath of the night shelling in the Dnipropetrovsk region (

Mykolaiv region

At night, in the Mykolaiv region, 10 Shahed drones were shot down by air defense systems.

During the destruction of an enemy target, the falling debris caused damage to agricultural machinery belonging to one of the private enterprises in the region. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Other incidents

Explosions were also heard in Odesa at night, where an enemy UAV was reportedly shot down. Similar incidents occurred in Vinnytsia region, where another drone was "landed."

The Khmelnytskyi region also received reports of air defense systems in action.

Type of attack

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, a total of 30 Shahed UAV launches were recorded during the nighttime attack. The enemy launched them from the southeast direction (from the Primorsko-Akhtarsk area in Russia).

The Russians also employed one Iskander-M ballistic missile, which the enemy launched from the temporarily occupied Crimea towards Kryvyi Rih.

In total, Ukrainian air defense forces managed to destroy 27 of 30 Shahed drones.

Additionally, a reconnaissance UAV of the operational-tactical level was destroyed on the eastern front.

Other Shelling

In Sloviansk (the Donetsk region), Russian forces also shelled the city at night. The head of the city's military administration, Vadym Lyakh, reported that the Limany microdistrict was affected by four incoming projectiles. Fortunately, there were no casualties.


On the eve, in the evening, the Russian army launched three missile strikes on Kharkiv. The strikes occurred in the Kholodnohirskyi district, causing a fire in a non-residential building. According to the regional military administration, there were no injuries.

The article is a comprehensive overview of overnight attacks by Russian forces on various Ukrainian cities, detailing the types of attacks, damages, and responses.