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Blinken: Best response to Putin's aggression is Ukraine standing firmly on its feet

Blinken: Best response to Putin's aggression is Ukraine standing firmly on its feet Photo: Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States (Getty Images)

A militarily, economically, and democratically strong Ukraine will be the best answer to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's aggression, stated US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

During his visit to Paris, the head of the US State Department emphasized the "extreme importance" for Western countries to continue supporting Ukraine in its defense against Russia.

He assured that assistance to the Ukrainians in building strong armed forces in the long term continues.

"We are ensuring that we will have a Ukraine that stands strongly on its own feet militarily, economically, democratically. That's the single best response to Putin's aggression," added the Secretary of State.

According to him, France and the United States are "working day in and day out" to prevent the transfer of weapons and equipment to Russia, including from Iran, North Korea, and China.

"This is not only a threat to Ukraine, it's actually a threat to European security as a whole. There's a strong interest on the part of France, on the part of all European countries to do everything we can to prevent the ongoing bolstering of Russia's war machine," Blinken emphasized.

Assistance to Ukraine from the USA

The United States of America has practically stopped providing military aid to Ukraine for several months now. This is due to the fact that Congress cannot allocate the necessary funding.

The US Senate has already passed a bill providing $60 billion in aid to our country, but the document has not passed the House of Representatives.

The main reason is that the Speaker of the House, Republican Mike Johnson, refuses to bring the initiative to a vote. He wants to develop another bill that would provide assistance to Ukraine in the form of a loan.

Recently, Democrats from both houses of Congress admitted that they could support such an initiative.