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Blinken announces two aid packages for Moldova amid Russian threats: Details

Blinken announces two aid packages for Moldova amid Russian threats: Details US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (GettyImages)
Author: Maria Kholina

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced a fresh aid package for Moldova aimed at tackling a range of issues linked to Russian aggression, including the invasion of Ukraine, citing The New York Times.

First aid package

Reportedly, the initial of the two mentioned aid packages totaling $50 million USD to Moldova is allocated for broad support to the country's industry, government, and democratic processes.

Blinken highlighted the energy and agricultural sectors, as well as the necessity to combat disinformation. "What’s so powerful here is the deep and deep-rooted commitment to democracy in the face of bullying from Russia," Blinken said.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu thanked Blinken for American assistance in fighting corruption, developing renewable energy infrastructure, and overcoming "adversities of democracy," hinting at Russian interference in elections.

Second aid package

"The second aid package mentioned was $85 million to help Moldova increase its energy resiliency and reduce its dependence on electricity generated in a Russian-backed separatist region in the east, Transnistria," the statement reads.

Blinken said that these funds, part of a $300 million commitment previously announced by the US Agency for International Development, will help Moldova strengthen its capabilities in battery storage and high-voltage power lines, among other energy needs.

Moldova recently ceased its dependency on natural gas imports from Russia, now purchasing gas from a variety of countries, including the US.

Purpose of Blinken's Europe visit

Blinken's visit to Chisinau marked the first stop on a trip aimed at demonstrating US support for countries facing hostile Russian policies.

Next, the US Secretary of State will head to Czechia to participate in a meeting of foreign ministers and senior NATO officials. As noted by the NYT, they plan to discuss how best to support Ukraine.

Blinken's visit to Moldova and Czechwia as announced several days earlier. Specifically, within the framework of the American politician's visit, discussions were announced regarding military support for Ukraine in its confrontation with Russian aggression.

RBC-Ukraine also reported that during his press engagement in Moldova, Blinken hinted at a shift in the United States government's position on banning strikes with their weapons against Russia.