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Blackout hits Russian city of Belgorod July 1

Blackout hits Russian city of Belgorod July 1 Photo: The blackout in Belgorod occurred on July 1 due to drone strikes (Getty Images)

The blackout occurred in the Russian city of Belgorod. Overall, about 90% of the Belgorod region was left without power, informs the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

The official version of the cause of the power outage in the Belgorod region was an "external impact on the power facility." According to open sources, the blackout occurred as a result of a simultaneous drone attack and the triggering of improvised explosive devices at the substation.

Additionally, on July 1, residents of Belgorod and the Belgorod district are expected to face bus problems. The passenger transportation organizer reported that delays and disruptions in public transport are forecasted due to the partial power outage.

According to Russian media, the outages also affected the Voronezh region. Four districts are without power: Liski, Ostrogozhsk, Kantemirovka, and Kamensk.

It should be noted that the Russian army uses the border city of Belgorod for attacks on Ukrainian territory. At the same time, the city suffers from strikes by Russian forces, which mistakenly drop bombs on it. Additionally, the city experiences drone attacks, and there are acts of sabotage on military facilities.