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Biden's campaign calls Trump 'convicted criminal'

Biden's campaign calls Trump 'convicted criminal' Former US President Donald Trump (GettyImages)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Biden campaign has officially begun referring to former President Trump as a "convicted criminal," citing a significant increase in serious crime during his previous tenure, according to The Hill.

"Donald Trump is a convicted criminal who enabled the largest spike in violent crime in more than a century," emphasized Ammar Moussa, a spokesperson for the current US President Joe Biden's campaign.

Moussa highlighted a recent report on criminal activity in the US, typically considered by Republican voters. According to this report, violent crimes have significantly decreased since Biden took office, and their number continues to decline.

The data indicate that at the beginning of this year, there was a 15% decrease in violent crimes compared to the same period in 2023, with murders and rapes down by 26%.

"President Biden has worked hard to clean up his mess, and it’s working," the campaign spokesperson said.

He added that Americans cannot afford another four years of Trump's administration, which seeks to defund law enforcement and promises to pardon rioters who exhibited brutality during the Capitol attack.

US election

Less than five months remain until the US presidential election.

Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, while the incumbent President Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate. Both candidates are running neck and neck, with a slight edge for the Republican.

Trump is the first former US president to face a criminal trial. He is involved in four criminal cases, with over 80 charges brought against him.

Recently, the court found the former president guilty of bribing porn actress Stormy Daniels to keep silent about their intimate relationship.

Thus, Trump could face imprisonment, although, as Western media suggest, this is unlikely.

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