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Biden on Ukraine aid: Opposing this bill is playing into Putin's hands

Biden on Ukraine aid: Opposing this bill is playing into Putin's hands Photo: US President Joe Biden (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

If the US Congress does not vote for a bill to support Ukraine, it will help the Russian forces in Ukraine, says US President Joe Biden.

According to the American president, the bill addresses two important issues, one of which concerns Ukraine.

"First, it provides urgent funding for Ukraine... They (Ukraine - ed.) are in dire straits right now, defending themselves against the Russian onslaught, a brutal conquest... Every week, every month that passes, without new aid [for - ed.] Ukraine [it - ed.] means fewer artillery shells, fewer air defense systems... Just what Putin wants," stated Biden.

According to him, Ukrainians are fighting bravely, and the USA mobilized a coalition of 50 countries and united NATO.

"We can't walk away now. That's what Putin's betting on. Supporting this bill is standing up to Putin. Opposing this bill is playing into his hands," the US president added.

Biden also assured that if Putin's appetites are not left behind, he will not stop at Ukraine. And costs for the US and partners will increase.

Delay in financing aid to Ukraine

Earlier, US President Joe Biden proposed to Congress to allocate 106 billion dollars to help Ukraine and Israel. However, the corresponding law has not yet been adopted.

Disputes are raging in the US Congress regarding the further financing of aid to Ukraine. Republicans are blocking the issue, demanding the passage of immigration legislation. In early January, the White House announced that aid to Ukraine was suspended until Congress approved new funding.

The day before, the Senate published a new bill that combines aid to Ukraine, Israel and funds for strengthening the border with Mexico.

However, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson said that the new bill on additional funding, which combines the allocation of funds to help Ukraine, Israel and strengthen the southern border of the US, is 'even worse' than American lawmakers expected.