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Biden is ready to sign bill that could ban TikTok in US

Biden is ready to sign bill that could ban TikTok in US Photo: US President Joe Biden (Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden has expressed readiness to sign a law that will restrict the operation of the social media platform TikTok in the United States, reports Reuters.

"If they pass it, I'll sign it," Biden stated.

The US House of Representatives plans to vote on a bill to restrict TikTok next week after the committee unanimously approved the measure on Thursday.

According to a document reviewed by Reuters, the Department of Justice informed the House Energy and Commerce Committee that the asset sale bill, rather than a ban on TikTok, would put the government in a stronger legal position.

The bill would give ByteDance 165 days to sell TikTok. If that doesn't happen, Apple and Google app stores must remove TikTok and restrict the operation of already installed applications, as well as the web versions of the app.

TikTok ban

Last year, many countries discussed the ban on TikTok. Restrictions on the use of the social media platform are being considered in the UK, the US, Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, and other countries.

Moreover, some Western countries are considering banning the use of TikTok by government officials.

For example, on March 6, it became known that lawmakers introduced a bill to the US Congress that would require the Chinese company ByteDance to divest TikTok to avoid the ban on video apps in the country.