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Biden believes that current period in history is inflection point - White House

Biden believes that current period in history is inflection point - White House Photo: U.S. President Joe Biden (GettyImages)

President Joe Biden stated that the current period is an in history, according to the White House.

NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, responded to questions about how the Biden administration sees its foreign policy in light of events in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip. Kirby clarified that threats to democracy have different characteristics.

"You know, the President describes this time that we’re living in as an inflection point, and he’s right. I mean, you look all around the world, and one of the things that’s a common thread is democracy under threat," said John Kirby, the coordinator of the White House National Security Council.

Biden believes that the United States should build its foreign policy through cooperation with allies and partners. He acknowledges that the U.S. cannot solve all problems alone, but their leadership is crucial for success.

"And it’s — the President believes in a foreign policy that — that bolsters our allies and partners, that builds on alliances and partnerships, that recognizes that the United States can’t do it all alone, but that our leadership is vital and important to solving some of these problems.," Kirby noted.

Thus, Biden expressed confidence that the United States will continue to play an active role in the world, as it has in the previous three years.

Problems with U.S. aid to Ukraine

In October 2023, U.S. President Joe Biden appealed to Congress to allocate over $100 billion for national security needs. Out of this amount, over $60 billion was intended for assistance to Ukraine, which is resisting Russian aggression.

Republicans in Congress did not support Biden's proposal to allocate funds for assistance to Ukraine, as they believe that measures to strengthen border security with Mexico should be included in the package. As a result, negotiations on the aid package have been dragging on for over a month.

It became known that the United States has suspended assistance to Ukraine until Congress approves new funding.