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Biden approves funding for part of US government until fall

Biden approves funding for part of US government until fall Joe Biden, President of the United States (photo: Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden signs a bill to fund part of the US government until the end of the fiscal year.

The signed bill provides funding for the entire fiscal year through September 30 for departments and agencies of the US federal government. The document covers half of the budget bills to finance the US government.

"Thank you to Leaders Schumer and McConnell, Senators Murray and Collins, Speaker Mike Johnson, Leader Jeffries, and Representatives Granger and DeLauro, for their leadership," stated the White House.

On March 22, the US Congress is scheduled to pass the second package of six remaining full-year funding bills. This package will cover the Ministries of Defense, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services.

Threat of US shutdown

Since September 2023, the US Congress has been unable to reach an agreement on the budget for fiscal year 2024. Republicans demanded to cut spending and strengthen border security.

However, US lawmakers managed to agree on temporary funding for the government several times to prevent a shutdown of federal agencies and agree on annual funding.

Today, the US Senate followed the House of Representatives in approving funding for half of the government agencies until the end of this fiscal year. After that, the document was submitted to the US President for signature.