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Belgium reportedly to deliver 300 LMV combat vehicles to Ukraine

Belgium reportedly to deliver 300 LMV combat vehicles to Ukraine Belgium will transfer 300 LMV combat vehicles to Ukraine (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Belgium is preparing a military aid package for Ukraine worth 412 million euros. It will include 300 LMV combat vehicles, reports Shephard Media.

It is noted that in addition to multi-purpose combat vehicles, Belgium plans to assist Ukraine with mine-clearing vehicles.

"The new military aid initiative, carried out together by Belgium and the Netherlands, has formed part of the BELEUX cooperation which has aimed to boost Ukraine’s military capabilities," the material states.

The material writes that Belgium will provide basic training, while the Netherlands will provide on-the-job training for Ukrainian mine vessel crews.

Belgium has also pledged to provide military assistance to Ukraine totaling 611 million euros in 2024. It is reported that about half of this amount was allocated for additional artillery ammunition.

Iveco LMV

An army multi-purpose armored vehicle of Italian production.

Developed by the team of designers of Iveco Defence Vehicles company, the first of ten prototypes was made in 2001.

The vehicle can be equipped with various machine gun armaments, including remotely controlled on the Protector RWS module.

Belgium's assistance

Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder stated that Belgium would continue to provide military and financial assistance to Ukraine, but would not send its troops to the front.

We also reported that Belgium would send two two-seater F-16 aircraft to Denmark to participate in the training of Ukrainian pilots.