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Belarus wants to strengthen border with Ukraine: Details

Belarus wants to strengthen border with Ukraine: Details Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Belarus intends to build two border outposts along its border with Ukraine, which will serve as military facilities housing units of Belarusian border guards, citing the Belaruski Hayun Telegram channel.

According to the monitoring channel, the construction of these border outposts has been planned by the State Border Committee of Belarus. The agency is seeking to procure engineering services for comprehensive construction management.

Belaruski Hayun specifies that one border outpost complex will be built in the village of Karpivka in the Loyev district. This outpost (a unit of border guards) was established back in 2017 and currently guards a 29.5-kilometer section of the border with Ukraine, which runs along the Sozh River.

Another border outpost complex is reportedly planned for the village of Svicha in the Narovlya district. This outpost will be built from scratch and will be part of the Mozyr border detachment.

Belaruski Hayun says that this location was chosen deliberately, as there is currently only one outpost of the Mozyr border detachment in that area—Narovlya.


Previously, Belarus started spreading false claims that Ukraine was allegedly amassing troops at the border. Minsk also expressed concern that Ukrainian defenders were constructing fortifications along the Belarusian border.

In response to these assertions, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said that Ukraine poses no threat to Belarus. However, they added that Ukraine will continue to strengthen its border defenses.