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Battles in Kharkiv region: Updates on Russia's offensive in northeast of Ukraine

Battles in Kharkiv region: Updates on Russia's offensive in northeast of Ukraine Ukrainian military holding back the Russians in the north of Kharkiv region (photo: GettyImages)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russia continues its offensive in the north of the Kharkiv region. The Russian troops are still trying to move from the Russian-Ukrainian border in two directions.

RBC-Ukraine's report on the situation in the Kharkiv sector.

On May 10, Russia opened a new front in the Kharkiv region. Russian troops broke through the Ukrainian border in two areas. The first one is near Strilecha-Pylna-Borysivka, along the left bank of the Kharkiv River and the Travianske Reservoir. The second is along the Siverskyi Donets River near the settlements of Ohirtseve and Pletenivka. So far, Russia has not managed to break through to a depth of more than 10 kilometers from our state border in any of these areas. However, it tries to bring in additional forces to build on his tactical success.

Main direction is Vovchansk

In the Volchansk direction, the Russian occupiers have already managed to occupy four settlements, the last of which is the village of Buhruvatka. Their next key target in this area is the city of Vovchansk. Over the past few days, Russia has occupied the northern and northwestern outskirts of this city - in the area of the old airfield and meat processing plant. There is also information from OSINT observers that on May 21, fighting was already taking place in the central part of the city.

Battles in Kharkiv region: Updates on Russia's offensive in northeast of UkraineDeepState map

In addition, the Russians want to approach Vovchansk from the west - from Hatyshche and Synelnykove. So far, they have not succeeded - the Vovcha River flows between these settlements, which helps Ukrainian units hold their positions.

At the same time, Russia is trying to break through between Buhruvatka, Starytsia, and Prylipka. There is a bridge over the Siverskyi Donets, which leads to the road to Synelnykove and further to Vovchansk.

The Russians have brought additional forces into the battle in this area. This has somewhat accelerated Russia's movement but has not yet led to any serious tactical success. There is a version that the Russians' movement towards Vovchansk is an attempt to further break into the rear of our Kupiansk group. This seems very unlikely at the moment, given the pace of Russia's advance.

Auxiliary direction is Lyptsi

South of Strilecha and Borysivka, the Russians have managed to occupy up to a dozen settlements since the beginning of their breakthrough to the north of the Kharkiv region. Now Russian troops are trying to advance southward from the Hlyboke-Lukiantsi line on the left bank of the Kharkiv River. At the same time, in the same area, Russia has entered from the territory of the Russian Federation towards the village of Zelene along the Murom River over the past two days.

Battles in Kharkiv region: Updates on Russia's offensive in northeast of UkraineDeepState map

It seems that Russia's closest target in this area is the access to Lyptsi and Neskuchne, or even to the Borshchova and Vesele line. For example, the distance from Lyptsi to Kharkiv is 25 kilometers. That is, from this point, the Russians will be able to shell the regional center with cannon artillery. Probably, this is one of the Russians' objectives - to create an additional threat of terror for Kharkiv. In reality, however, Russia's more global task here and in the neighboring Volchansk sector is to divert Ukrainian reserves from other frontline areas, including the entire East.

Earlier, The Economist describes how Russia was preparing an operation in the Kharkiv region. According to the agency, the offensive was to begin later.