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Baltic states align on sanctions against Russia and Belarus: Details

Baltic states align on sanctions against Russia and Belarus: Details Photo: Customs of Baltic States agreed on the sanctions against Russia and Belarus (facebook com polizeiajapiirivaleamet)

The heads of the customs services of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia agreed on unified control during the implementation of European Union sanctions against Russia and Belarus, reports LRT.

This agreement confirms the declaration signed by the prime ministers of the Baltic states on December 20 last year.

The customs authorities of the Baltic countries have agreed to strengthen control over sanctioned goods exported to Russia and Belarus or transiting through them to third countries.

Now law enforcement officers can demand a declaration from the product manufacturer.

The 13th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation

The EU has begun discussions on a new package of sanctions, which it intends to approve by February 24, 2024.

Possible sanctions were discussed on January 18 at a meeting of the bloc's ambassadors, where member states debated how best to support Kyiv in the long term.

Politico wrote that Russian aluminum products are among the goods that may be embargoed as part of the 13th package of EU sanctions.

At the same time, Czechia wants to include in the 13th package of sanctions restrictions on movement through the Schengen zone for Russian diplomats.