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Baltic states agree on joint implementation of EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus

Baltic states agree on joint implementation of EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus Photo: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia agree on a unified approach to EU sanctions (

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have reached an agreement to adopt a joint approach in implementing the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia and Belarus. The governments of the Baltic countries signed a declaration to this effect on December 20, according to the Estonian government's press service.

The document was signed and released by the Prime Ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – Kaja Kallas, Ingrida Šimonytė, and Eva-Maria Liimets.

"The joint approach helps avoid fragmentation and enhances the effectiveness of sanctions," stated the head of the Estonian government.

Kallas expressed hope that the Baltic initiative would serve as a good example for other EU border countries and invited them to join similar practices.

"We will continue our efforts to harmonize the implementation of sanctions at the EU level," noted the Estonian Prime Minister.

The joint approach by the Baltic countries is expected to be adopted by January 31, 2024. The Estonian government clarified that this means customs control authorities in the Baltic States will coordinate a unified approach in cases where the cargo route appears illogical and raises suspicions of sanctions evasion. This is expected to make information exchange more effective.

EU sanctions against Russia

Recalling that on December 18, the European Union implemented its 12th package of sanctions against Russia, including "a powerful set of new lists and economic measures that will further weaken the Russian military machine," as stated by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

The sanctions package includes restrictive measures on the import or transportation of Russian diamonds, the introduction of import-export controls and restrictions, limits on the prices of oil, iron, and steel, as well as the addition of a significant number of individuals and legal entities to the sanctions list.

For more details on the new restrictions against Russia and what the country-aggressor will no longer be able to trade with and who - read the material by RBC-Ukraine.