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Austria to donate EUR 5 million to restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure

Austria to donate EUR 5 million to restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure Austrian Minister of Climate Protection Leonor Gewessler (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection will allocate five million euros to Ukraine. These funds are aimed at restoring Ukraine's energy infrastructure, which has been severely damaged after more than two years of war, according to Der Standard.

"As a neutral country, Austria is obliged to side with humanity in this war," said Austrian Minister for Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler.

According to her, this money is intended to contribute to "at least some simplification" of the restoration process.

Ukraine's Ambassador to Austria Vasyl Khymynets expressed gratitude for the "strong signal of solidarity."

"In the face of Russian efforts to destroy Ukraine's energy infrastructure through air strikes and artillery shelling, this financial assistance from the federal government is extremely important for the restoration of energy facilities and ensuring the Ukrainian population has electricity," Khymynets said.

The funds are allocated from the budget of the Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection. The money will be distributed in Ukraine through the Energy Community and used for the purchase of much-needed spare parts, generators, and the repair of power lines.

Austria's assistance to Ukraine

Austria provides multifaceted humanitarian aid to Ukraine but does not supply weapons due to its neutrality. Vienna has taken in over 80,000 Ukrainian refugees, providing them with temporary protection, housing, food, medical care, and access to education.

Additionally, Austria has allocated millions of euros to humanitarian organizations working in Ukraine and neighboring countries to assist those affected by the war.

In April, Austria decided to allocate 2 million euros to Ukraine for humanitarian projects.