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Austin stresses need to increase weapon supplies to Ukraine

Austin stresses need to increase weapon supplies to Ukraine Photo: Lloyd Austin, Chief of the Pentagon (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The United States and its allies should increase arms supplies to Ukraine, according to Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin.

According to him, it is necessary to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine, as the war in Ukraine has entered a key stage.

He said that more must be done in this area, because a key stage in the war has come, and Ukraine needs to replenish its weapons stockpile.

In addition, Austin said that Putin has no right to impose conditions on Kyiv for peace.

"That's exactly the kind of behavior that we don't want to see. We don't want to see a leader of one country wake up one day and decide that he wants to erase borders and annex the territory of his neighbor," Austin said.

Russia's new offensive and escalation on the front line

In May 2024, Russia launched a new offensive in the Kharkiv region. On May 10, Russian troops began shelling Ukrainian army positions in the direction of Vovchansk in an attempt to break through the defense line. This offensive is part of Russia's broader strategy to create a buffer zone along the border to protect its territory from possible Ukrainian attacks.

On April 20, the US House of Representatives approved a package of financial assistance for the purchase of weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The document was subsequently approved by the Senate and signed by President Joe Biden, allowing funds to be promptly allocated to Ukraine's military needs.

Thanks to the supply of Western weapons, the Ukrainian Defense Forces were able to stop the advance of Russian troops toward Kharkiv, significantly strengthening their defensive positions and inflicting serious losses on the enemy.

The United States allowed the Ukrainian military to strike Russian territory with its weapons, except for ATACMS ballistic missiles.