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Argentina to transfer Mi-171E helicopters to Ukraine

Argentina to transfer Mi-171E helicopters to Ukraine Argentina to transfer Mi-171E helicopters to Ukraine (photo:

Argentina intends to transfer two multi-role Mi-171E helicopters to Ukraine in the near future. The helicopters were previously purchased by the country from Russia, according to Pucara.

The helicopters were acquired by Argentina from Russia for transport missions and search and rescue operations in Antarctica. Upon purchase, a preliminary contract for three additional helicopters was also signed, but it was never realized.

Argentina decided to cease the operation of the Mi-171E helicopters due to their inability to pass a routine inspection, initially because of issues on the Russian side, and later due to sanctions imposed against Russia.

Subsequently, the United States offered to transfer these helicopters to Ukraine, but the previous Argentine government opposed such a move. Negotiations are currently underway to determine the cost of the helicopters as a discount on the initial payments for Argentina's purchase of F-16 aircraft from the United States.

It is noted that the helicopters are equipped with additional fuel tanks and a cargo crane for operations in Antarctica and long-distance flights. The aircraft also feature meteorological radar and emergency floats.

What is known about the Mi-171E

The multi-purpose helicopter Mi-171E is an upgraded version of the Mi-8 helicopter. It features a modernized power unit and rotor made of carbon materials. The composite rotor contributes to improved flight characteristics by reducing the overall weight of the helicopter.

The Mi-171E is reported to have a payload capacity of up to five tons in the cargo cabin or slightly over five tons on an external suspension. The flight range of the helicopter is 850 km.