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Apple about foldable iPhone: Details revealed

Apple about foldable iPhone: Details revealed Apple's foldable iPhone project may be suspended due to display issues (Unsplash)
Author: Maria Kholina

Apple conducted a closed test of foldable devices available on the market and received disappointing results. According to the latest information, the release of Apple's own foldable devices has been postponed indefinitely, accoring to the technology-focused online resource TechRadar.

None of Apple's prototypes managed to pass muster during the rigorous testing phase. Questions linger as to whether the company's focus was primarily on assessing the reliability of the hinge mechanism or scrutinizing the aesthetics of the flexible display.

It appears that consumers who were anticipating this iPhone version will have to wait longer than expected. The fact that Apple does not have a working prototype or even a concept of a new folding device indicates that the technology is at a very early stage.

Speculation now turns to the possibility of Apple fast-tracking the release of a foldable iPad mini, given longstanding rumors surrounding such a product. This approach would allow the company to conduct field tests and iron out any kinks with lesser risk, minimizing potential setbacks.

The ramifications of Apple's cautious approach to innovation remain to be seen. Meanwhile, rival manufacturers such as Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, and even Google have already introduced their own iterations of foldable devices, capturing consumer attention and market share in the process.