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Announcement of F-16 deliveries from Belgium and Russia's plans to open new front - Tuesday brief

Announcement of F-16 deliveries from Belgium and Russia's plans to open new front - Tuesday brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

Belgium announced the delivery of 30 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine by 2028. Meanwhile, Ukraine's Defense Minister Rustem Umerov announced Russia's goal of opening a new front.

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Belgium to deliver 30 F-16 fighters to Ukraine by 2028

Belgium will commit to providing 30 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine by 2028, according to Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib.

She said that the first fighter jets are to be delivered to Ukraine by the end of the year.

According to her, this commitment will be officially formalized in a security guarantees agreement, which will be signed today by Ukraine and Belgium.

The Belgian Ministry of Defense will also transfer ammunition from its stockpiles to equip the F-16s for Ukraine.

Ukrainian Minister of Defense: Goal of Russian army is to open new front in north of Ukraine

At present, the goal of the Russian forces is to open a new front in the north of Ukraine to begin using all their manpower and firepower against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

"Their objective is to open a new front in the north to start using all their manpower, firing power, against us," he said.

He added that the Russian forces were continuing with their objective to destroy the Ukrainian nation.

Netherlands wants to assemble and send Patriot to Ukraine in short term

The Netherlands, with the support of other Patriot-owning countries, aims to assemble and deliver a Patriot system to Ukraine in the short term. For this, Amsterdam will provide key components from its own stockpiles and request additional main components from European countries, citing the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

The Netherlands has mapped out countries that could supply spare parts and ammunition from their inventories. Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren is urging these countries to participate in the project.

Ukraine and Belgium sign agreement on security guarantees

Ukraine and Belgium have signed a security guarantee agreement, marking the 11th such treaty for Kyiv.

"Today in Brussels, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and I signed a bilateral security and long-term support agreement between Ukraine and Belgium," Zelenskyy writes.

The document includes at least €977 million in Belgian military aid to Ukraine this year, as well as Belgium's commitment to providing our country with support over the course of the agreement's ten-year term.

Sweden cancels plans to send Gripen jets to Ukraine

Sweden is suspending plans to send Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine to allow for the commissioning of F-16 fighter jets, according to Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson.

"We have been urged by the other countries in the coalition to wait with the Gripen system," he said, referring to countries that plan to provide Ukraine with American-made F-16 aircraft.

The minister added that this is because "the focus is now on introducing the F-16 system."

RF wants to increase number of troops in Ukraine and near its borders by 200-300,000 soldiers

Russia plans to strengthen its military presence in Ukraine and near its borders with hundreds of thousands of new soldiers, according to Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

According to the Minister of Defense, Russia currently has about 500,000 troops concentrated in Ukraine and near its borders.

However, Umerov added that Moscow was preparing to increase this number by 200-300 thousand.

At the same time, the Defense Minister did not disclose how many men the Ukrainian government planned to mobilize. He only mentioned that 1.2 million people had updated their data at the Central Military Commission.