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Ammunition and military training: Ukrainian and Czech Ministers of Defense held talks

Ammunition and military training: Ukrainian and Czech Ministers of Defense held talks Czech Minister of Defense Jana Černochová (photo from open sources)

Ukrainian Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov held online talks with Czech Minister of Defense Jana Černochová. The parties discussed planned deliveries of ammunition to Ukraine, training of Ukrainian military personnel in the Czechia, and the current situation on the battlefield, according to Umerov's page on the social media platform X.

During the dialogue, the Ukrainian minister thanked Czechia for its continuous comprehensive military assistance, training of Ukrainian pilots, and participation in the Demining Coalition.

Umerov emphasized the importance of increasing deliveries of artillery ammunition.

"Grateful to our Czech colleagues for their proactive position in providing Ukraine with the necessary ammunition. Hopefully, the aggressor will soon feel the results of our cooperation on the battlefield," he said.

The ministers also emphasized the need to develop cooperation between the Czech and Ukrainian defense industries.

According to České noviny, Černochová also discussed with Umerov some practical aspects of possible deliveries of ammunition to Ukraine from third countries.

"The ministers agreed on the next steps that will take place now so that Ukraine can receive ammunition as quickly as possible," the Czech Ministry of Defense said.

In addition, the ministers reported on the current results and upcoming planned steps in the training of Ukrainian military personnel in Czechia.

České noviny also reported that another Ukrainian battalion of about 500 fighters is starting training in Czechia these days. The continuation of the training this year was approved by the parliament in November last year. At that time, Černochová told deputies that about 3,500 Ukrainian military personnel had been trained in Czechia, and another 500 had been trained by Czech instructors in Poland.

Umerov confirmed that the Ukrainian side considers such support very valuable.

Military aid from Czechia and the EU to Ukraine

Czechia has found 800,000 artillery shells of caliber 155 and 122 millimeters for Ukraine. The defense forces can receive them in the coming weeks.

In early May 2023, the EU Council approved a decision to aid Ukraine with 1 billion euros for joint purchases of ammunition and missiles. It was planned that European countries would provide Ukraine with a million shells by March 2024. However, the EU countries have not been able to fully implement the plan.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell noted that Ukraine will receive over 1 million artillery shells from EU countries by the end of this year.