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Air Force on laser weapons for Ukraine: Effectiveness uncertain

Air Force on laser weapons for Ukraine: Effectiveness uncertain Photo: spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilia Yevlash (Getty Images)

The effectiveness of laser weapons for destroying drones and missiles is difficult to assess at the moment. However, Ukraine needs any air defense systems, according to the Air Force spokesperson for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ilia Yevlash.

"Any air defense systems are critically needed to counter the missiles, drones that the adversary launches into our territory. Of course, any systems, including experimental ones, would be beneficial. But as for how effective they are, it's currently difficult to say, whether our higher military-political leadership has discussed it," he said.

According to the Air Force spokesperson, details regarding the use of new weaponry should be kept classified.

"This information is quite sensitive; it's better if it remains for experts to discuss behind closed doors," Yevlash added.


Recently the Defense Minister of Great Britain, Grant Shapps, announced that his country is considering sending Ukraine a prototype of laser weaponry. This refers to DragonFire.

It's a laser beam capable of shooting down drones and missiles. The weapon is invisible and silent, as well as relatively inexpensive to use.

Britain plans to deploy DragonFire into service by 2027. However, Ukraine, according to the Defense Minister, may receive a prototype of laser weaponry earlier, even if it's not perfected 100%.