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Air defense systems for Ukraine: US to expedite delivery of missiles

Air defense systems for Ukraine: US to expedite delivery of missiles Photo: Lloyd Austin, head of the Pentagon (Getty Images)

The United States will provide Ukraine with missiles for air defense systems as part of a new $2.3 billion military aid package, accelerated for delivery. This was announced by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during a meeting with Ukraine's Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov.

He stated that the air defense missiles will be delivered to Ukrainian forces on the front line in accelerated terms, as the US recently decided to prioritize such armaments for Ukraine. Deliveries to other allies will be postponed as a result.

"Ukraine is in a tough fight and has been ever since the start of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's reckless war of choice," said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. "The Kremlin continues to intensify its bombardment of your cities and civilians. But I continue to be impressed by the skill of your forces, and your troops continue to fend off Russia's attacks with grit, ingenuity and courage."

What preceded

On June 20, the Financial Times reported that the United States might suspend orders from other countries for Patriot air defense system missiles, prioritizing their supply to Ukraine.

Later, John Kirby, the Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the US National Security Council, confirmed that the US had decided to redirect upcoming scheduled deliveries of military goods abroad in favor of Ukraine.